What street? 42nd Street!

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What is it all about?

The story, set in 1930s America, follows director Julian Marsh as he puts on a huge show in the middle of the Great Depression. The star of said show is Dorothy Brock who nobody really wants there. However, her husband is rich and so they do what they have to for investment in this new show. Unsuspecting Peggy Sawyer turns up looking for a position in the chorus and ends up stepping up to the plate when Brock breaks her ankle, winning everyone over and becoming everyone’s  favourite.

The show within a show means that things are not always as they seem. You have to pay attention to follow the concept of actors playing actors and sets within sets. Maggie Jones who plays the composer in the show (within the show) is phenomenal. There is something panto-esque about her that I couldn’t get enough of.

Tell me more

Mark Bramble directed the musical. Bramble originally co-wrote the book for the original 1980s Broadway version of 42nd Street. I figured, if the Duchess of Cambridge has seen it, I should too!

The show starts with the curtain rising just far enough for the audience to see the feet of the  43 cast members tapping away and it just gets better and better from there. I’m not a dancer myself but this didn’t stop me being mesmerized by the movement and accompanying sound of their shoes against the stage. 42nd Street is a continuous display of beautiful sounds and colours.

In case you were wondering what 42nd Street was about, “tap” just about sums it up. Don’t let that put you off though, it’s jaw droppingly good. Everything about it is beautiful. From the sound and the movement, to the costumes and the light up staircase. The women look drop dead gorgeous dancing away in their stunning outfits with their perfect curls and painted lips. I couldn’t help but wish I was up there myself!

42nd Street is a real feel good, nostalgic show. It’s one of very few that I would happily pay to go and see a second time. If you’re looking for the perfect West End show for a girls night out – you’ve just found it!

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Where can I get tickets?

42nd Street is playing at the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane until the 4th of October, giving you plenty of time to head down and see it. You can get tickets HERE and the nearest tube station is Covent Garden.


Photos courtesy of London Theatre Direct