Alice’s Adventures Underground is one hell of an experience

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I love something a little quirky and a bit different so I was intrigued by Alice’s Adventures Underground. It offers an immersive take on the classic by Lewis Carroll that we all know and love. Les Enfants Terribles takes you into the vaults underneath Waterloo station to experience theatre like you never have before. Rather than Alice falling down the rabbit hole/Waterloo station hole, it’s you. You are the main character and you are centre stage. You will venture through a labyrinth of underground rooms that are quirky and each unique from the next. Rather than being sat watching the show, you are on an exciting adventure. Sometimes when you watch a really good show, it’s almost like you are actually part of it. Well here, you really are!

How does it work?

There are four different trails you can take. It is your choice whether your whole group sticks together or whether you wonder off down different paths. One thing is for sure, each of you will have a different story to tell at the end. The amount of effort that has been put into this underground show is evident in all the detail. From the costumes to the little tickets you get giving you “unlimited re-entry into the Queen’s gardens.” You do need to be prepared to be active, so maybe avoid the dress and heels just this once. You might need to climb stairs and you might even need to run!

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Isn’t it just for children?

The costumes , the acting, and the decor all helped to really immerse you in the experience. You’re really made to feel like you are Alice! If you go in with a positive attitude and an open mind, you will very quickly become swept up in it all. You’ll come out feeling like you’ve been on well hell of an adventure. However, those who didn’t really take part and refused to have too much fun didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as the others. I think it all depends on the kind of theatre you like and the kind of night out you are after.

Going to explore Alice’s Adventure Underground allows you to become a child again and just have fun in an environment where everyone has let go of their inhibitions and is remembering what it is like to go out and play.

I’m not sure how suited this is to young children as at times, it can be quite nerve wracking but for teenagers and adults it is a great experience is you want to do something a little different. They do however run a kids version of the show if you wanted to see a more family friendly version. If you’re part of a group, I wouldn’t definitely recommend splitting up and choosing different stories. That way, when you all meet up in the bar at the end you can compare the different experiences you all had.

Before leaving the rabbit hole you will pass a sign that says “keep smiling, everything is wonderful” and I think that’s a lovely note to end on before joining the real world again. You’ll be back at Waterloo wishing you were in Wonderland again in no time!

Where can I see it?

Alice’s Adventures Underground runs at various time slots throughout the day and is running until September. The nearest station to The Vaults where the experience takes place is Waterloo and the entrance is in Banky’s graffiti tunnel. You can get your tickets HERE.


Photos courtesy of Les Enfants Terribles