Is Miranda Hart’s Annie debut worth seeing?

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Annie was an American comic strip back in the 20s about a 10 year old orphan. Fast forward to now and Annie has made it not only to Broadway and now the West End, but also into a Hollywood film. The original film was remade in 2014 starring the likes of Jamie Foxx, Will Smith and Cameron Diaz. As you can see, this red headed orphan was quite a hit with the public.

What is it all about?

Annie follows the story of an orphan who is sent to live with a billionaire wanting to home an orphan for Christmas. Not wanting to be sent back to the orphanage run by Miss Hannigan, Annie and her billionaire set about finding her real parents thanks to a substantial reward.

What makes it so good?

Everyone loves Annie because it’s such a feel good show. Plus it stars a dog, and that’s always a winner! It’s optimistic, inspirational, and has some really good sing-a-long songs such as Hard Knock Life. The choreography is second to none throughout the show and the way the lighting and music changes with the mood is nothing but incredible. The children in the cast have comic timing like no other too, I definitely had a good laugh.

Who does Miranda Hart play?

Miranda makes her West End debut playing Miss Hannigan, the drunken owner of the orphanage. I am a huge fan of Miranda Hart so I loved seeing her up on stage. Some say that she is a little too nice in her role and I do see where they are coming from. It’s difficult to see her as a nasty character when she is normally playing the opposite on our TV screen. However saying that, I still thought she was sensational and I recommend going to see it while she is in the role.

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Who should go and see it?

As I said, Annie is a real feel good show. I think this makes it ideal to go and watch with your family, though younger children may get bored. This is one of those ones that I think anyone and everyone would enjoy really, so if you’re thinking about going, just go for it! You won’t regret it. Having never seen Annie before until now, I can finally appreciate what all the fuss it about.

Where can I get tickets?

Currently showing at the Piccadilly Theatre, you can purchase tickets to see Annie HERE. Annie is running until the 6th of January next year. However, do bare in mind that Miranda is only playing the role of Miss Hannigan until the 17th of September.