The 5 West End Musicals You Need To See

The best 5 West End musicals you need to see

Even with cinemas on every street corner playing the newest release, theatres still maintain their place in people’s hearts as the experience of watching something being performed infront of your very eyes cannot be beaten. Watching any theatre performance is good, but if you add a pinch (or whole bucket load) of music, the experience becomes better than good.

If the fusion of music and theatre sounds right up your street, the West End of London is your heaven. The West End is home to THE best musicals with melodious music and merry dancing everywhere you look. There are so many musicals to choose from, with each being unique and fabulous. To make your life a little easier, here is a list of what we think are the five most unmissable musicals.

The Lion King

Lion King - Top West End Musicals
Lion King – Top West End Musicals

The Lion King has been on at the Lyceum Theatre for quite a while now. The starting sequence of this musical is something out of this world. If you’ve always wondered what Noah’s Ark looked like, this musical is not all that far off! While “Circle of Life”, plays in the background, a flood of animals pour onto the stage. The birds chirp and swing from the trees while the mama elephant walks through the jungle with her little one.
The current cast includes Shaun Escoffery as Mustafa, George Asprey as Scar, Brown Lindiwe Mkhize as Rafiki and Howard Gossington as Zazu. Nick Afoa is exceptionally amazing as Simba while Richard Frame plays the role of Timon. The musical always going to be a hit with it being an adaptation of such a well loved film, but throw in the unbeatable African masks and costumes and wow is it impressive!

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Half a Six Pence

Half a Sixpence - Top Musicals
Half a Sixpence – Top Musicals

Directed by Rachel Kavanaugh, this amazing musical tells a story in such a way that will leave you mesmerised and stuck to your seat. The story is about an apprentice, Arthur Kipps, who lived in the Edwardian time in Kent, England. He inherits a fortune and goes after his desire which is a beautiful girl belonging to a wealthy family named Helen. Helen is a big town girl with posh habits and manners. Arthur realizes that there is no compatibility between the two and that happiness cannot be bought through money.
Arthur is played by Charlie Stemp who is a cheerful man always jumping and dancing around playing the banjo. He realises his mistakes and goes after his childhood crush, Ann, who he believes is the one for him. Sitting in the theatre, you feel you have been transported to another era. Filled with music and plot twists, this musical is bound to catch your attention (and your heart). The cheerful vibe will leave you smiling for days I guarantee.

Unfortunately, this musical closes this week so you have to be quick to grab tickets!


Aladdin - Top West End Musicals
Aladdin – Top West End Musicals

Aladdin is everyone’s favourite childhood film, another adaptation destined to be a hit. Designed by Bob Crowley, the set is quietly lavishly and impressively designed. You might be confused by how many American accented actors you would see in a British theatre to play Middle Eastern characters. However, the flow of music and subtle humour will keep you engaged and hoping it never ends. Trevor Nicholas plays the best Genie there could ever be. He really is that good. Once you listen to him chanting, “Friend Like Me “ and “Prince Ali”, you will surely become as big a fan of him as I am. His performance is fabulously entertaining.
Filled with non-stop singing and dancing, this musical makes our list of the top five musicals in West End. What makes it ever more fantastic is the sprinkle of magic, especially the magic carpet sequence.

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Wicked - Top West End Musicals
Wicked – Top West End Musicals

Performed at the Apollo Victoria, Wicked remains an all time favourite of just about everyones. Based on Gregory Maguire’s spin of Frank Baum’s legendary novel, The Wizard of Oz, the musical tells the story of two girls who meet in their journey towards learning sorcery. Their education and personal preferences make them into different people, one being Glinda the good witch and the other being the Wicked Witch of the West.
The brilliance of this musical through it’s impressive 90 international awards with many referring to it as one of the best musicals to ever grace the West End. Five million theatre goers have experienced the mysterious and magic-filled story of this musical in the past 11 years – isn’t that crazy!
Rachel Tucker is incredible as the Wicked Witch and throughout the performance seems to be defying gravity in her broom stick sequences. Gina Beck is the good witch, Glinda, who wants to remove evil from the world with her goodness. The whole musical empowering and wonderful, I can’t recommend it enough.

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42nd Street

42nd Steet - Top London Musicals
42nd Street – Top London Musicals

Performed at Theatre Royale, 42nd Street is a remarkable performance directed by Mark Bramble, the performance being based on broadway style musicals. The opening sequence involves the unveiling of a group of fantastic performers. It only gets better from then on.
This is a performance filled with endless song and beautiful voice. Particularly of the five broke girls who come to the diner ordering just boiling water. There is a mood-enhancing lighting and glitzy atmosphere all around. The fancy setting with its incredible glamour will blow you away. The whole performance is an artful display of splendour.

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With a wide selection of musicals to choose from, you will probably spend the whole day scanning through the list of musicals. Hopefully though we have made things a little easier for you!