Meet the Businessman who Helped Bring Musical 42nd Street to West End

West End theatre fans are loving the glamorous revival of musical 42nd Street. The show is now playing at Theatre Royal and will run until 14th October. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible if not for its investors. One of them is international businessman Brooke Greville, chief executive officer of investment company G Entertainment.

The musical 42nd Street is currently one of the hottest hows in London’s West End. It had a rich history as well. The musical’s first ever run managed to play on Broadway and in the West End despite mounting difficulties and naysayers.

While the talented cast continue to wow its audiences, it’s time to acknowledge the people who made the show possible.

Among them is 35-year-old Brooke Greville, who grew up in St. Nicholas near Halesworth on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk. He won a bursary from the Worshipful Company of Dyers to study at Norwich school and went on to make a career for himself in business that has taken him around the world.

Brooke Greville's Twitter profile picture
Brooke Greville, Chief Executive Officer of G Entertainment, is a part-investor of 42nd Street’s latest West End production. Photo: Brooke Greville’s Twitter @BrookeGreville.

Brooke Greville’s GBP 1.3 million Investment in 42nd Street

Greville is now the chief executive officer of G Entertainment, a global investment company which, among other things, has invested GBP 1.3 million into the latest production of the musical 42nd Street.

Just like the musical 42nd Street, Greville made his own journey to the West End theatre. With his career in investment consultancy which allowed him to build business contacts around the globe, he became involved in the company Gate Ventures. This firm invested in the West End production of Sunset Boulevard starring Glenn Close.

Greville then decided to step away from the board of Gate Ventures to found G Entertainment. When the opportunity to invest in 42nd Street arrived, he was excited to get his company involved as a part investor.

About the show, Greville said he’s “delighted obviously, everybody is absolutely delighted – the investors, the cast, the producers – with the reviews that have come through.” He is also hopeful that the show “will become a cornerstone of the West End.”