Children are Stinky is one for the whole family

Children are Stinky

I had to steal my friends kids for this one! By steal I mean lovingly babysit so that they could go out and enjoy a date night. To be honest though, I quite enjoyed this one myself and Noah definitely did too! Children Are Stinky by company Circus Trick Tease was labelled a “must see” after hitting Edinburgh Fringe last year so as far as children’s shows go, I was fairly excited about this one.

What about us adults?

What is really great about Children Are Stinky is that whilst aimed at kids, it’s enjoyable for everyone. I didn’t sit there counting down the minutes until I could leave, I instead was in awe myself. Kylie and Jason burst onto the stage to the delight of lots of over excited kids with balloons and drinks full of sugar. Their excitement is contagious I’m telling you! I almost wished I had a balloon myself.

What actually is it?

The show itself is slapstick and full of energy. There is quite literally a bit of everything. Physical theatre, circus skills, dance, mime, you name it. They are a talented bunch. Applause and “ooohs” and “ahhhs” erupted frequently from both children and parents alike. There was a lot of “fart” and “bottom” thrown around, but hey, kids love that! Although for me personally, it did get a bit old. Turns out that the kids in the audience disagreed with me and laughed at the words “bum bum” until the very end. There is the occasional joke for the adults that flies straight over the little one’s heads – they kept us oldies amused.

Children are Stinky

Did the kids enjoy it?

There was the opportunity to go on stage too. Little Noah was not a fan of audience participation but for the more confident children (of which there seemed to be plenty judging by the amount of hands that shot up), this was the highlight of their night. You can tell that Kylie and Jason are used to working with kids. Kids are very unexpected and you never know when you’re going to get the occasional ear piercing breakdown or heckle, but they handled it with ease.

What makes it so good?

Childish humour aside, I was very impressed with the whole show. The acrobatics, juggling, hula hooping, and all of the other skills this crazy duo possess are incredible. They are super talented at what they do. Not only can Jason entertain the hardest of audiences (as I said, kids can be unpredictable), but he can also do a handstand on top of five chairs. He’s a multi-talented man.

Should  I go and see it?

I think this is a really great show and can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking for something that will keep your little ones entertained but not bore you to death. Taking place at Underbelly Festival, I can’t think of a better setting for it. Tickets are cheap too! You can grab them HERE.


Photos courtesy of Edinburgh Festival