First review: Aladdin the Musical at Prince Edward Theatre, London

Aladdin - LondonTickets are red hot for Aladdin right now, so does it deliver ?

Ok let’s set the tone of this review from the outset. It’s arrived, its glam, it’s spectacular, and its Disney. Chances are you’ll love it as much as your kids will, this is unashamedly pure family magic. Let’s be fair, Disney have profitable experience in this space with the Lion King and they’ve shown with Aladdin that it pays not to deviate from their trusted formula.

The big original songs ? Tick

Beautiful sets ?  Tick Tick

Risque ‘Book of Mormon-esque’ dialogue ? Now come on now, this is Disney….

Aladdin’s favourite Monkey sidekick Abu ? Errr….well actually, no. But you’ll cope without him, trust me.

Aladdin the Musical arrives from a successful first stint in Broadway that’s not ending anytime soon. It was logical to bring it over to London, the UK love a bit of Disney escapism, even if our local French manned Theme Park pales in comparison to their US equivalents. So what of the Musical ? Well, it’s pretty much what you’d hope for and what you’d expect. The Genie steals the show, played by the excellent Trevor Dion Nicholas, you’ll want him to be an ever present on stage as his personality lights up the Prince Edward and has the audience under his control. There’s no let up, they hit you with big song and dance numbers early on that gets the foot tapping and maintains energy levels throughout. The wardrobe and sets are a masterpiece, some of the outfits are adorned in crystals that will have parents praying they’re not available to purchase in child form anytime soon, that could prove costly…

So what about Jafar ? Aladdin ? Jasmine ?

Well Jafar is the standout, jokes aplenty, perfectly time and assisted by his sidekick. Mean? Yes, but in a way that you can’t help but enjoy, and kids won’t be frightened of. As for Aladdin and Jasmine, they’re young but excellent, delivering their songs with an endearing quality that befits their animated equivalents. 

Ok ok, tell me about the magic carpet ? And ‘a whole new world’ ?  Well this is where my spoilers end. All I can say is that there is a nostalgic twist in the Musical that is immense, and the wizardry of the iconic magic carpet sequence is to be applauded. I’ll leave it there, too much insight will spoil the fun. Let’s be honest, you’re likely reading this for one solitary reason, do I go grab a ticket ?  For that, the answer is a resounding yes, whomever you are…Enjoy

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