What to do on a girls night in London in the summer

I’ve got one night with the girls in London – help!

So you’re heading to London with the girls. It’s summer and you know you want to do some cool things and see some beautiful places and eat some good food but you don’t know where to start? After living in London for coming up to a year, here is a plan I would recommend to you.

Shop frontages including Mulberry and Rolex

I’ve just checked into my hotel, now where do I start?

Once you have checked in, hit the shops. Oxford Street is very well known, but very busy. Instead, I would explore Covent Garden which is a little more spacious and always has some interesting street entertainment. There are also some floral swinging benches that make the perfect photo opportunity.

Where can I stop for a drink?

Whilst you’re there, you may want to hit Maxwell’s just opposite the tube station. They have recently shot to fame after launching a range of freakshakes. I tried their unicorn freakshake a few weeks ago and it really was something. It was pink and topped with whipped cream, marshmellows and various sweets. I’ve had multiple people asking where I found it. The staff are super friendly too and it’s a good place to stop off, have a break (and nip to the toilet without having to pay in a tube station!)

Where next?

After Covent Garden why not explore Seven Dials with it’s quirky shops or catch the train to Camden and explore the market. From there you could walk down the river to Little Venice or perhaps walk up to Parliament Hill’s viewpoint and take some photos with a stunning backdrop. Alternatively you could catch the train to Hampstead Heath. They have a similar viewpoint with amazing views and some beautiful little cobbled streets to explore. The Freud museum is there too if you are into your psychology. Something else you could do is wonder round the streets of Kensington and Knightsbridge. Explore the backstreets near Harrods and I promise you, you will see some of the most incredible cars you have ever seen in your life. Even if cars aren’t your thing, you will be very impressed I guarantee.

600 seats, five 13-person day beds, self-service dining, summer tunes and a roof in case of rain, we (quite literally) have everything covered. This summer, Pergola on the Roof is taking London on a road trip to the East Coast of the USA. 3rd May - 1st October 2017 Our flooring is a little pebbly! We advise you don’t wear heels or suede shoes.

Where is the best place to get some lunch?

You could head to South Bank and grab some cheap, fast food from their various food stalls or you could catch the tube to Pergola on the Roof for something a little different. Pergola is a rooftop bar and restaurant with food from a variety of suppliers. The atmosphere is top-notch and the setting is stunning. There is a really good atmosphere here that you shouldn’t miss. Alternatively, if you are craving a pizza, I cannot recommend Home Slice enough. They sell 20″ wood fire pizzas for £20. Best pizza in London I would say!

Now the important but, what show should I see in the theatre?

If you are looking for the perfect show to see in the West End I could recommend all of them! There is a reason shows are in the West End, it is because they are so good. However, if I had to suggest one I think it would have to be The Girls. The Girls is based on Calendar Girls but has a bit more of a story behind it. It a really lovely heart warming show. If you want to know more, we have a review on it which you should check out!

Dinner time – where should I head?

For dinner, make sure to book a table at Coppa Club. Situated along the River Thames, next to the Tower of London, it is difficult to find a better view whilst you eat. If it is warm, there is an outdoor terrace area with flowers hanging over head. Prices for both food and drink are reasonable and their motto is that no one out stays their welcome. They are very friendly and it really is a beautiful place to dine.

Where is the best place to have a few drinks?

Following on from that, why not finish off your night down the road in the Sky Garden. Sky Garden is a bar at the top of the Walkie Talkie building near the river. You can book on line or walk in on the day past a certain time. Check the website near the time as these are subject to change. The dress code isn’t too strict but just make sure you are dressed fairly smart. Expect to get your bags searched too. The drinks up the top are expectantly pricey but the standard of drinks and the incredible view makes it worth while. Even if you only grab one drink, it is worth it for the experience.

I’ve woken up with a bit of a hangover, where can I head for a nice healthy breakfast?

For breakfast before you leave, head down to Hackney and stop off at Palm Vaults. If you haven’t heard of Palm Vaults, let me fill you in. They describe themselves as an “independent vegetarian cafe” but if you want a more exciting description, they are the most beautiful cafe with equally stunning and healthy foods. Everything is pink and gorgeous, from the tables to the coffees. Even the toilets are worth taking photos of. It is a little far out if you are staying in Central London but it is definitely worth a visit. Plus, if you have purchased a day ticket, it doesn’t cost you anything extra, you’ve got no excuse!


Photos courtesy of the Covent Garden and Pergola on the Roof websites