Les Miserables – 3 hours of incredible theatre

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The hype

Les Mis is one of those musicals that everyone has heard of and most have seen. If you haven’t, you need to! It might have been on the stage for 30 years but I don’t think it will be slowing down any time soon. It is currently the longest running piece of theatre in the West End. When I was looking at the stats on Les Mis, I read that the amount of people who have watched it is higher than the amount of people in the UK – isn’t that insane!

If you are wondering whether you know any of the songs, remember Susan Boyle? Well, the song she became famous for, ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ is a song from Les Miserables.

What’s it all about?

It is three hours long, so prepare yourself to be in for the long haul. As the title suggests, it’s not the jolliest of musicals. Les Miserables follows the story of Jean Valjean, an ex convict, and his rivalry with a police inspector. The bishop takes pity on Jean and helps him avoid the police inspector over a number of years. Jean then adopts a child, Cosette. Moving to Paris, the musical becomes a love story exploring the theme of loss.

The cast

The cast perform as if it’s their first performance every single night, channelling uncontainable enthusiasm that gave me the energy to clap and jig about in my seat despite my two hours sleep. They are committed to performing to the best of their ability therefore giving each audience the time of their life. The passion from everyone on stage is contagious and this was demonstrated by the standing ovation at the end. Looking around me, I couldn’t see a single person sitting. That is rare!

The set

Something amazing about this show is how beautiful it looks. It really is breath taking. They must go through a hell of a lot of dry ice! The set, combined with the costumes make the whole thing so entrancing that you forget you’re sat in a theatre in London’s West End. I felt like I was a member of the cast and I think all of the best shows have a clever way of making you feel that way.

Who should watch it?

As this is such a long show I would say it consequently may not be suitable for children. Teenage and upwards though, I think it’s good for almost anyone and everyone. Perfect for a celebration with the girls or a family get together.

How do I see it?

If you would like to go and see Les Miserables for the first, second, or perhaps tenth time, it is currently showing at the Queen’s Theatre in London’s West End. The nearest tube station to the theatre is Piccadilly Circus and it is so far set to run until the 3rd of March 2018. I do however imagine this will be extended though. Our West End seems like it would be lost without Les Mis! It’s been around so long it’s almost like a piece of furniture. You can buy tickets HERE.

Photos courtesy of ticket master