Look Behind The Curtain – Drury Lane Theatre Tour Review

Drury Lane TourDrury Lane is one of the most iconic theatres in the West End. Don’t miss the opportunity to see backstage on an exclusive tour, and learn about the history of its inhabitants, past and present.

It was once called the King’s Playhouse and was one of the most important theatres in the English-speaking world.

Drury Lane Theatre lies at the heart of the city, just off bustling Covent Garden Market. Over 350 years old, it’s a truly beautiful building. But if you’re in town to see a show, why not make a day of it and catch a world-class 60 minute tour? The gold filigree lined auditorium is famous for its hundreds of ghosts. Countless famous actors have walked its hallways— Edmund Kean, Bob Monkhouse, Julie Andrews, Sheila Hancock and Ginger Rogers, to name a few. There’s no greater thrill than standing on a stage, looking out rows and rows of velvet seats.

You’ll hear endless fantastic stories on the tour from knowledgeable staff. More often than not, you’ll also be lucky enough to bump into other team-members who work in costume, props or stage management. It was a real treat to catch actors warming up onstage with the director during my tour. As long as you are quiet and respectful of a working environment, the more likely it is for staff to engage with you and share their wonderful anecdotes.

There’s even an opportunity to see the complicated hydraulics under the stage. The whole theatre was renovated only 5 years ago so everything looks in top condition.

Tours run twice a day, six days a week. For all the information crammed into one hour, it’s very cheap too. Take note, there’s lots of stairs so wear comfortable shoes— these buildings are very old, so access isn’t always guaranteed.

So BoxOfficeTheatre.co.uk recommends booking a tour and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tickets! The musical has been living at Drury Lane since 2013 and won the Mousetrap Award for Musical that Blew My Mind.

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