Is Matilda the Musical really as good as the book?

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What is Matilda all about?

The much loved Matilda has had raving reviews since it first hit the West End stage. Not every musical receives the Olivier Award! The musical is based on the famous and highly adored Roald Dahl novel first published in 1988. The story of Matilda focuses on the main character, a young girl called Matilda. She discovers that she has telekentic powers but is abused by her family. She is clever and has always had her head in books whilst they always have their head in front of the TV. Her headmistress Miss Trunchball is arguably even worse. No one understands her and her interests.

Why does everyone love it so much?

The musical is as heart warming as they get. Lets face it, we all love Matilda! I think what makes Matilda such a good story is how real and relatable it is. We have all come into contact with someone at some point in our lives who didn’t treat us well or recognise our talents. The people who didn’t understand why we weren’t just like them and so we felt like we didn’t fit in. It’s for that reason that Matilda is such a lovable character. She overcomes the crap that we’ve all experienced at some point.

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Are the cast good?

The cast is sensational. From Matilda’s brother during the cake eating scene to the king hearted teacher Miss Honey who takes Matilda under her wing as she is bullied herself. You can’t help but love even the most awful characters because they are just so talented. All of the children cast in Matilda are incredible. They stomp around, acting and singing their hearts out. Having looked through the programme, their acting experience is amazing for such a young age. You cannot help but smile when there are so many talented kids taking to the stage in a story that sees the under dog come through and succeed.

Who should go and see it?

Matilda is very funny and had both jokes for the kids and witty remarks to keep the adults amused. This was a musical full of kids, kids and more kids and I can see why – they seemed to absolutely love it! Having said that, I went to see this with the girls from work and we couldn’t fault it.

Anything else?

Whilst you’re there, maybe don’t forget to take a photo of yourself doing the Matilda pose. The official website for the musical allows you to upload your photo and consequently displays it on a map of the world with everyone elses which is cool.

Where can I see it?

The musical is currently showing at the Cambridge Theatre. Consequently if you would like to buy tickets (which I strongly recommend that you do), you can get them HERE. In addition the nearest tube station to the theatre is Covent Garden.

Photos courtesy of London Theatres