Review of Motown: The Musical “It’ll get those feet tapping”

Motown MusicalThey’re the hottest tickets in town right now and it’s no surprise why.  Glitzy, glamorous and nostalgic, Motown: The Musical tells the story of how Berry Gordy rose from small-time boxer to music mogul in Motown, working with the likes of Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson. Based on Gordy’s memoirs, the musical pays loving tribute to the 60s, with many feel-good throwbacks and showcasing a classic selection of the stars’ greatest hits, including the Marvelettes ‘Please Mr Postman’ and Mary Wells’ ‘Bye Bye Baby’.

It packs a whopping sixty-six songs into 150 minutes, you’re getting plenty of value for your Ticket price. You’ll know far more songs than you suspected, even though arguably a few are inserted as ‘narrative’ songs. With Gordy writing, producing, and being the lead character, the audience gain some understanding of him as a person, though the dialogue and plotting can be a little thin in places. But we’re here for the music and that’s where it succeeds, there are as many fabulous hits as there are iconic performers, the pace never lets up nor do the feet stop tapping. The story touches on the emerging civil rights movement and black artists, with the ensemble cast  charismatic and compelling, in particular  lead Cedric Neal and Lucy St Louis (as Diana Ross) being the standouts. The orchestral performance also injects great energy and exuberance to complement many of the spot-on portrayals of musical icons.

In short, this Motown musical will be enjoyable for any lover of 60s’ music looking for a nostalgic jukebox musical, and even the shortened version of classics will bring back a heady rush of recognition. Even those modern musical fans unfamiliar with all the songs will be entertained by the sensational performances and choreography. It’s no surprise they’ve recently released another 380,000 London Tickets, this Musical has all the ingredients to run and run. Brilliant songs, great artists and more than a little soul. Buy your tickets here at Motown: The Musical Tickets

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