Phantom of the Opera is STILL going

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Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is one of those shows that seems to have been around forever. Not only that, but it never seems to get any less popular either! The Phantom of the Opera has been playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London for almost 30, since it first opened. If that isn’t impressive in the world of theatre, I don’t know what is. After such a huge amount of time, as you can imagine, it is quite literally faultless. The show is managing to stand the test of time like no other. Over time, they have not become too comfortable in their success. Additionally, it makes sense that the best performers would want to perform in such a well known spectacular – that explains the exceptional performance of the cast. Long may it continue!

What is all the hype about?

With a name like Andrew Lloyd Webber behind a show, you expect the best.The ratings on Tripadvisor, a site full of over 6000 highly critical individuals scores it 4.5 so my expectations were high. You’ll be glad to know they were met too!

I am all for new shows hitting the West End and sometimes I think certain shows have been around just too long. With Phantom of the Opera though, I think it almost deserves to be on that same stage forever. The lovely couple sat next to me at the theatre were there for the 4th time. Whilst they said there were always slight differences between shows, they agreed that the standard never dropped.

What is it actually about?

The show itself is very dramatic and over the stop, in the best way possible. There were actual fireballs at one point. It is almost at the point of ridiculous but again, in a good way. Who knew it was possible? It is a show that was set in the 80s and still very much is to this day (with better set design these days). Some describe Phantom of the Opera as a love story. I’m not so sure I would call it that.

In the show, the opera house in Paris is haunted by a masked man. This masked man is the phantom and makes demands to the opera house’s new owners. The phantom ends up being in love/obsessed with the lead in the show at the opera house and he will do just about anything for her – whether that makes it romance or murder is for you to decide! As I said, Phantom of the Opera is such a huge, prestigious show,it is probably every performers dream to be in it. Therefore it is not surprising that the cast offer such jaw-dropping performances.

Should I see it?

I honestly recommend everyone see Phantom at some point in their lives. It is one of those shows that will go down in history and you don’t want to miss out. It perhaps isn’t suitable for young children however as the phantom can be a little intimidating!

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Where can I get tickets?

If you would like to see it, which I suggest you do, Phantom is currently on at Her Majesty’s Theatre (probably forever!) You can purchase tickets HERE and the nearest tube station to the theatre is Piccadilly Circus.

Photos courtesy of London Theatre Direct