The Play That Goes Wrong – Exclusive Review

The Play That Goes Wrong ReviewThe Play that Goes Wrong is the funniest thing you’ll see in the West End. It’s perfect for all ages. It has everything you need: a talented cast, a genius script, stunts and one of the cleverest theatre set designs.

It’s all supposed to run smoothly— a company of amateur actors are putting on a 1920s murder mystery play set in a manor house. But the set collapses round them, characters forget their lines and backstage love affairs lead to awkward encounters. Trevor the technician storms round the stage trying to keep it all together. The company desperately fight their way through the story— pausing only to replace actors or save them from falling furniture.

Written by a group of young drama school graduates, it started life as The Murder Before Christmas. Now, thanks to a sellout tour and several awards, The Play that Goes Wrong has been running at the Duchess Theatre for two years. Mark Bell’s direction is flawless and Nigel Hook’s set is a masterpiece.

It’s a piece of comedy genius. Fred Gray as Trevor is particularly memorable. He and Stage Manager Annie (Joanne Ferguson) are there to meet you as you arrive in the auditorium, in search of missing dogs and Duran Duran CDs and frantically fixing the set before the lights go up. I have never heard an audience laugh so hard as I did during this show. Just when you think nothing else can possibly go wrong, the entire floor drops away from under them. The cast know their comic timing perfectly.

The Play that Goes Wrong tickets guarantee a great night out. It’s a five star performance. You can find tickets here  until September of next year. Mischief Theatre are also the brains behind the current A Comedy about a Bank Robbery, which is earning rave reviews. As the leading man says himself, “Now on with the main event, which I am confident will be our best show yet!”