Is School of Rock as good on stage as on film?

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School of Rock is based on the hugely popular and well loved film staring Jack Black released in 2003, School of Rock. Andrew Lloyd Webber has brought the stage adaptation of the film (minus Jack Black unfortunately) to Broadway and now the West End stage for us to enjoy.

What’s it all about?

The story follows main character Dewey who pretends to be his substitute teacher flat mate. What begins as Dewey’s desperate attempt to earn money to pay rent, soon turns into a love of his new job (despite his lack of qualifications to be there). He leads the posh private school kids off the rails in the best way possible. Soon enough his class are skipping school, lying to their parents and rocking out on stage with him by their side.

Is the music live?

What I found most impressive about School of Rock is that all music is played live. Each and every cast member plays their instruments with such passion and enthusiasm that you would never have guessed they do it day in day out, you almost believe the story is really unfolding infront of your very eyes.
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How are the cast?

There is a real feel good element underlining this musical that you can’t help but love, a bit like with the film! The kids being defiant and then succeeding with their crazy rock band antics is really heart warming. Then again, I think a child cast always makes your heart feel a bit fuzzy. I couldn’t help feel a little envious of all their talent at such a young age!

What about the costumes?

The costumes may look like simple school uniforms but I couldn’t help but love them and want one for myself. The theatre itself is quite small. It’s far cry from its original Broadway debut but there is something quite nice and intimate about that which I quite enjoyed.

Who should go and see it?

School of Rock is the perfect family friendly show to take the kids to see. If you’ve got children around the early teens age mark, this might just be the West End show for you! You can buy some really cool merchandise on the way out. Make sure you take plenty of cash with you.

Where can I get tickets?

If you would like to see it for yourself, School of Rock is playing at the New London Theatre until January 2018. You have plenty of time to go and see it. The nearest tube station to the theatre is Covent Garden. You can purchase tickets HERE.
Photos courtesy of The Stage