Does Amanda Holden stand out in Stepping Out

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What’s the story behind it?

Thirty three years ago Stepping Out won an Evening Standard award for Best Comedy and it’s still doing well today. There is a lovely story behind Stepping Out that makes this show even more heart warming. It is written by Richard Harris and the idea came from his late wife Hilary Crane. She suggested that Richard sit in on her dance class as there could be a show in it for him. Well, he did and there was. Stepping Out was born.

What’s it all about?

Stepping Out, set in the 1980s, follows the story of a group of people taking a tap dancing class at their local church hall in North London. The group is an all female group except for the one (recently widowed) man. The show not only follows their dancing but also the overcoming the obstacles they face individually along the way. All eight of the class members have their own reasons for attending and their own issues to overcome, doing so with warmth and wit. They are all very different people from very different lives but the show follows their intertwining stories. Stepping Out possesses a mysterious element with Harris revealing snippets of information about each character but never fully disclosing their stories. I feel like everyone left the theatre having filled in the gaps with their own stories with each person coming home with a different experience. It’s very real.

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Is the cast good – how is Amanda Holden?

Stepping Out stars Amanda Holden who plays busy-body Vera. She is an endearing character, accidentally winding everyone up. She is very funny throughout with her sharp wit, though I did over hear a few people talking about how annoying she is so I guess that depends on your feelings towards Amanda. Personally, I loved her performance and thought she performance was exceptional. There is a very funny moment involving the grumpy pianist Mrs Fraser, but I won’t spoil it for you! I also adored Geoffrey who is played by Dominic Rowan. Despite him being the quiet, walked all over type, he is a very likeable character and is played exceptionally well.

Who should go and see it?

This feel good show is perfect for families. I watched this with my parents and brother and we all had a real good laugh, it’s got something for everyone.

Where can I see it?

Stepping Out is currently showing at the Vaudeville Theatre in London’s West End. I can’t recommend it enough, it might be one of my favourites ever! The nearest tube to the theatre is Charing Cross and it is running until the 18th of June. You better get in quick! You can get your tickets HERE.


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