The only time a bank robbery is funny

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The Comedy About a Bank Robbery

The Comedy About a Bank Robbery comes from the same geniuses behind The Play That Goes Wrong and Peter Pan Gone Wrong. It appears to be following in their footsteps in terms of success. It might even be their best show yet so I’m very excited to see what more is to come from these innovative LAMDA graduates. There are a huge amount of shows currently in the West End that seem to have been around for as long as I can remember. It’s great to see something fresh and new hit the scene!

What’s it all about?

The Comedy About a Bank Robbery is a 50s style Hollywood comedy about (unsurprisingly) a bank robbery that goes wrong. The unsuccessful jewel heist from a bank involves one disaster after another. Of course, there’s a whole load of slapstick comedy thrown in. The attempt to steal the gem of a Hungarian Prince is carried out by one of the corrupt guards at the bank, a jailbird and the gold-digging daughter of the bank manager. The daughter also happens to be the girlfriend of the jailbird. However, it doesn’t stay that way for long. Love lives get a little complicated and she ends up falling for someone else. Meanwhile, their bank robbing skills are fairly poor.

Is it really that funny?

With some shows I’ve found that comedy can become a bit repetitive and samey. Sometimes there is only so long you can laugh for before you’re ready to go home. The jokes in this show however, are conducted brilliantly. The gags roll on and on and so does the laughter in the audience. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard I’ve cried in the theatre – until now. Whenever you think you’ve heard the best line, they throw another one at you. I hadn’t stopped laughing at one joke before I was laughing at the next!
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When arrested, my favourite cheesy joke this year is said:
“What was he charged with?”
I know, I know. I shouldn’t have laughed, but I really did! Sometimes it’s the simple jokes that win you over.
The creativeness of the set and the props in The Comedy About a Bank Robbery is phenomenal. All of a sudden the whole cast is seen from above whilst remaining vertical. It is very, very clever. I’m still not entirely sure how they manage it. The visual gags, as well as the verbal ones are second to none.  The 50s style do-wop songs are still stuck in my head now. The music really was great – a nice change from the music in other West End shows.

How can I get tickets?

The show is currently playing at the Criterion and has just been extended until the April 2018. This is one show I cannot recommend enough. It is over 2 hours of pure laughter, you simply can’t miss it. You might want to prepare for your sides aching by the time you leave though. You can get your tickets HERE.
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