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It doesn’t matter whether your young or old, we all need believe in magic. When JK Rowling unleashed her limitless imagination on the world, she took captivated readers to places that they always wanted to believe existed, providing true escapism from the reality of our own daily lives. It is for this reason alone that the books proved every bit as popular amongst adults as they did children.

Inevitably the Hollywood films followed, something every Harry Potter fan was both nervous and excited about. Would they do the books justice ? Can they truly bring our own personal visions of the Wizarding world into visual reality ? The answer was a resounding yes, credit to all the Directors and their own individual creative take on their parts of the Harry Potter legacy.

But a Theatre play ? Potter magic on the stage ? No one saw this coming.

In typical JK Rowling style she’s broken with convention and split the play into two parts (I and II) for the audience to view either the same day (with a  break) or on consecutive days. It’s already caused it’s own controversy with Harry Potter fans by casting Hermione with a black actress, but be sure this is not the last of the tricks Rowling has up her sleeve for the stage audience.

Ok ok, I’m excited now, but where do I buy a ticket?

Unsurprisingly tickets for Harry Potter And The Cursed Child disappeared quicker than one of Potter’s invisibility cloaks, indeed we sold out in minutes, not days!  However fear not, we at Box Office Theatre kept a pair locked proudly in our safe for the benefit of our loyal Customers. So the Competition begins…act now

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