1. What is a matinee performance?

A matinee is an afternoon performance. Most shows have 2 matinee performances per week; one on Saturday afternoon and one during the working week, generally on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Some shows now also have Sunday matinee performances. Matinee performances generally start between 14.00 and 17.00, although they sometimes start sooner so please ensure you check the correct time on your tickets.

2. What is the difference between the various seating sections in a theatre?

All venues differ in size and layout and may refer to the various sections of the venue in different ways. We appreciate this can be confusing but the most commonly used are:

Stalls - sometimes referred to as Orchestra Stalls

This section is level with the stage. (Please note that this does not mean that all Stalls seats offer ground floor access as this section is situated on the lower ground floor of the building in some venues.)

Dress Circle - sometimes referred to as Circle, Royal Circle, Grand Circle or Mezzanine

This section is the first level up from stage level.

Upper Circle - sometimes referred to as Grand Circle

This section is the second level up from stage level.

Balcony - sometimes referred to as Gallery

This section is the third level up from stage level. Only a few of the London Theatres have a Balcony Section.

Boxes - sometimes referred to as Royal Box, Loges, Slip Box

Boxes are most commonly at Dress Circle Level to the far side of the theatre. Contrary to popular belief, boxes very rarely offer good views of the stage and are generally not classified within the first class seating of a venue.

3. Is there a dress code for the theatre?

No official dress code exists in London's theatres although at certain venues such as the Royal Opera House, the custom is to dress smartly.

4. What are the age restrictions for children?

Babies and toddlers are not permitted in most West End theatres. General guidelines recommend the age of 5 and over as a minimum age however more specific guidelines may apply on specific productions. Children must be able to sit unaided, in their own seat and be attentive to the performance so as not to distract other paying members of the audience.

5. Is there a bar area within the theatre?

Most theatres have a bar so that you can wait in comfort or grab a refreshment during the interval. Please check our theatre pages for the facilities available within each venue.

6. Can I take pictures or a video of the performance?

Taking pictures or videos is strictly forbidden and if caught you may be asked to leave so please don’t risk it!

7. Is there a break in the middle of the performance?

Most shows have a 15 – 20 minute interval during the performance, however not all. Please check the individual show page on our website for details.

8. If I forget or lose something at the theatre, who should I contact?

Please contact the theatre directly as they will be much better placed than us to (hopefully) find it for you!